Thursday, July 12, 2012

Generic Drugstore Brands Work

Anytime I buy over-the-counter medications, I always look to generic brands first.  Whether it's aspirin, acetaminophen, or nasal breathing strips, it always pays to look at generic store brands first.  Depending on which drugstore you shop at, you might be able to take advantage of a sale, too.

Recently, ran a sale on CVS-brand products.  The sale was 20% off all store-brand items with no minimum purchase.  Combine that with the everyday free shipping on orders over $50 and you will see some real savings.

Let's take a look at the numbers to see just how much money you could save.

Buy 4 boxes of 150 count Tylenol extra strength caplets, on sale at CVS for $14.99 each.  So that's 600 pills for a total of $59.96 with free shipping or about 10 cents per pill.  We'll leave out sales tax from the analysis since every state / city has a different tax rate.

Now let's buy 6 boxes of 150 count CVS-brand acetaminophen caplets for an every day price of $10.99.  Take 20% off and you've got an order total of $52.75 or about 5.9 cents per pill.  Note that we needed to buy 6 boxes or 900 pills in order to get free shipping.

So, in the end, we purchased 900 generic CVS-brand acetaminophen pills for a savings of 41% compared to the equivalent name-brand Tylenol product.  Not bad for just switching your thinking away from a brand name label.

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