Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shopping for Gas

If you are like most people, next to your house and food, gasoline is probably your next largest expense.  Because of that, it is super important to shop for the best price.  Of course, that doesn't mean driving an extra 20 miles to save $.02 per gallon.  If you do the math, that just DOES NOT COMPUTE!

How do you make it compute?  Try planning your gas fillings around where the lowest price gas is -- as best you can.  If you drive roughly the same route every day, then you probably already know which gas stations are the cheapest.  If you don't have a regular commute (or you just don't pay attention), then check out these gas comparison sites as recommended by Consumer Reports.

Gas Comparison Sites

One more thing...With today's higher prices, many stations have reverted back to the practice of giving discounts for paying cash.  So if you don't mind carrying around extra cash, this could help, too.  But watch out for the so called cash discounts.  Many gas stations simply make their cash price equal to other stations' credit price.  That's a premium, not a discount in my book!

So pay attention, do a little research, and drive your way to savings.  Happy motoring!

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