Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Per Gallon (MPG)

We're talking gas again!  Ever wonder if you could squeeze a few more miles out of that gasoline in your car's tank?

In these days of high gas prices, getting better gas mileage means more cash in your pocket.  As you can imagine, someone already gave search for better mileage a name....Hypermiling!

Let's do the math to see if Hypermiling is worth the effort.

Regular Driving
Using typical driving techniques, our example car gets 20 miles per gallon.  With a tank capacity of 15 gallons, your range would be 300 miles.  With a gas price of $2.80/gallon, driving 300 miles would cost you $42.

Using hypermiling techniques (see links below), our car could get 27 miles per gallon.  Our range would now be 405 miles.  So it would cost you the same $42 to drive 105 miles further.  Or, put another way, it would cost you a little over $31 to drive 300 miles.  Either way you look at it, the cash savings is significant.

How to Hypermile
So it looks like the savings could be significant if take the time to learn how to hypermile when you drive.  Here are some useful online resources about hypermiling:

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